Common bathroom plumbing issues in most homes

Homeowners should address bathroom plumbing issues right away.

The bathroom is one of the most crucial places at home that require a sound plumbing system. But since it is regularly used by every member of the house, it is bound to suffer wear and tear. Add ill-maintenance to the mix, and the home bathroom could easily incur issues that homeowners need to attend to, to avoid inconveniences. 

This article will discuss some of the most common bathroom plumbing issues and how homeowners should deal with them once it occurs. Again, like any home-related repair, homeowners should only entrust the matter to a professional contractor such as a licensed plumber. Do-It-Yourself repairs are failure magnets that attract an even bigger expense and problem. 

Common bathroom plumbing issues at home

One of the most common bathroom plumbing issues that occur in residential properties is random drips and leaks in plumbing fixtures. Sometimes, faucets and showerheads get worn out that they start leaking or dripping water no matter how tightly they are closed shut. 

Homeowners should ask a licensed plumber to check the fixtures and repair them if they are still repairable or replace them if they can no longer be remediated. 

Clogged toilet

Clogged toilets are embarrassing especially when there are overnight visitors at home. Homeowners are advised to seek professional plumbing help if the problem persists, following the carrying out of safe home remedies. These home remedies include using a plunger, pouring dishwashing liquid, using a baking soda and vinegar solution followed with a pail full of hot water, and then an augur to dislodge the clog. 

When the clogs happen in every toilet cubicle at home, the homeowner should seek plumbing help to prevent toilet back-ups as this suggests a bigger clogging issue.  

Clogged drains

Apart from the toilet, the sink and the shower and tub drain could also get clogged. Homeowners could try safe remedies as well in these areas like using plungers, augurs, or even baking soda and vinegar and hot water solution to unclog the drainpipes. However, if the problem still re-occurs, then it is time to call in the pros. Moreover, if all the drains are gurgling, emit a foul odor, or are simultaneously clogged throughout the house then there is a sewer problem that a professional needs to address right away. 

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