Common Problems for a Plumber San Diego Relies On

As plumbers, we see some plumbing emergencies and issues that you might be familiar with and others that you’d never imagine. We hope you never have to experience any of them, including the five most common issues that cause homeowners to call a plumber. Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Leaking Taps – Leaking taps often start out as subtle leaks that release just a drop of water every minute or so. They often progress to more serious leaks anywhere around the fixture. While a leaking faucet can be a costly situation as water slowly leaks, the long term damage is sometimes less obvious. Leaking water doesn’t always go down the drain, but it can leak into cupboards and structural spaces where it may lead to mold damage and costly restoration.
  • Clogged Drains – Drains don’t get clogged on their own. The accumulation of all the odd things like food and hygiene waste don’t always complete their trips through the drains and contribute to clogs. Hard, mineral rich water can lead to deposits inside pipes that combine with foreign matter added to drains and pipes, culminating in a perfect storm of drain clogging detritus. Do your part by limiting the amount of food waste, refuse, and hair that goes down the drain.
  • Burst Pipes – Stress and weakened pipes can burst, especially during times of rapidly changing temperatures to create a home emergency that will certainly give you a headache. Get your pipes inspected annually to preemptively solve burst pipes before they get the best of you. Copper pipes are recommended for your home, so if your home lacks them, then it may be time to replace your pipes.
  • Water Heater Emergencies – Deposits of sediment can build up in a water heater and reduce efficiency, or lead to leaks that quickly add up. During an annual inspection and maintenance visit, ask your plumber to service the water heater, which can help you save on your energy bill and increase the life of your water heater.
  • Toilet Clogs – Toilet clogs rank as one of the most unpleasant plumbing issues in a homeowners career. Like drains, you can hedge your bets against clogged toilets by monitoring the items that go down them. Limit the content of the toilet to toilet paper and human waste for the best results. If you do have a clog, resist the temptation to use drain cleaning chemicals that can weaken your pipes.

If you want help with any plumbing emergencies, including the ones on this list, don’t hesitate to call us. Only a plumber San Diego residents trust has the tools and know-how to tackle these issues. We’re available around the clock, so give us a call today.

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