Common San Diego Plumbing Problems in the Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and you are bound to need your plumbing just as much as you did in the winter, in albeit different ways. We’ve put together this list of the common problems for San Diego plumbing that you can avoid.

  • Irrigation and Sprinklers – Chances are that you haven’t used your irrigation in some months. While your irrigation system was probably maintained in the fall, there’s no telling what has happened to it in the summer. Take a look at the sprinkler heads before you turn the system on, and give it a visual inspection the first time you run it. You might notice that some sprinklers aren’t working like the others and you can be sure there is a leak or a clog to blame.
  • Clogged Disposals – Somehow, we tend to ask a little more of our garbage disposals in the summer with the food waste accumulated during back yard barbeques. Take some time to send larger food scraps into the trash, especially fibrous matter like corn husks. When you do use your disposal, make sure to run it for 15 seconds before and after sending food through it for the best results.
  • Backed Up Sewer Lines – The large pipe that connects your home to the municipal water supply is prone to cracking from tree root growth. While that is a problem in its own right, you might not notice until an intense summer rainstorm infiltrates your sewer main and causes water to back up, leading to inconvenient and expensive cleanup efforts in the bathroom.
  • Washing Machine Woes – With kids out of school, soiling their clothes faster than you can say “wash,” your washing machine has a difficult summer ahead. You might consider a pre-wash in a bucket to get the larger chunks of dirt off but you should definitely keep an eye on the condition of your washer drain, which weakens over time and can break from the stress of heavy loads.

Any time of year, we’re ready to help you with routine maintenance and the most daunting of plumbing repairs. When your San Diego plumbing is ailing, give us a call right away.

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