Why Copper Pipes are the Best Choice for San Diego Plumbing

You may have wondered why copper is the preferred choice for San Diego plumbing. There are many choices for pipes, but the leaders in residential plumbing are plastic and copper. What makes copper a better alternative than plastic?

Health Benefits

Over time, plastic pipes degrade and crack, providing ample room for bacteria to grow. Copper pipes never experience such disintegration and have no permeable surfaces for bacteria to grow in.

Safer than Plastic

For all its strengths, plastic is quite fragile. Through the extreme temperature swings that many homes experience, plastic becomes weaker as it expands and contracts, eventually cracking and bursting. On the other hand, copper readily conducts these extreme temperatures, thereby diffusing the effect of temperature changes. Copper tolerates numerous temperature changes with virtually no ill effects. Plastic is susceptible to being punctured, a danger that is very low for copper. Copper bends before it punctures, thereby reducing the danger of burst pipes and water damage.

Low Maintenance Costs

Copper fittings are usually soldered, fitted, or compressed. This makes the joints and fittings of copper pipes more resilient in the long term. Long term for copper is sometimes longer than the life of a house. Surely, such an extraordinary material must be incredibly expensive.

On the contrary, copper is priced at a level very competitive with the best plastic piping. That makes copper piping a smart investment to increasing the value of your home.

If you currently have copper pipes or need any part of your plumbing system replaced with copper pipes during an upcoming repair, ACE Contractors has the tools and people to make your copper piping goals a reality. Give us a call to get a free estimate on copper piping for your home. There’s never a better time to increase the value of your home than right now. Let us show you how affordable and sensible copper pipes really are.

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