DIY Air Fresheners for better Air Conditioning

Great Smelling and Affordable

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Make your own homemade air freshener. (Photo Credits)

Air fresheners make air conditioned rooms even more comfortable. The composition of which however should be kept in mind, and at the same time the amount that it incurs in a household’s monthly budget.

Luckily, there are ways to freshen up the air in an air conditioned room without the chemicals and the hefty cost. Find an emergency HVAC Technician

Jumble Joy shared an interesting DIY recipe.

“All you need is a mason jar, baking soda, Essential Oils, cloth, and a knife. Yes, that is all! Simply fill a mason jar halfway with baking soda and put 10-12 drops of your favorite Essential Oil directly into the baking soda. Then, cover with the cloth, place the lid on top, and poke a few holes in the cloth so that your new air freshener can breathe! Pretty ingenious, huh? “

Read more here.

Cool and nice-smelling

Boredom therapy meantime shared a way of making homemade air fresheners. HVAC Technician in San Diego

“When no amount of cleaning can mask an unpleasant smell, an air freshener can be, well, a breath of fresh air. But is “fresh” really the right word for it when so many of these products are made using harmful chemicals? Luckily, there is a simple, inexpensive, and natural way to make air fresheners right in your home.”

Read about it here.

It is not complicated

The Frugal Girls also shared their own version of DIY Air Freshener, this time made of cinnamon.

“This yummy Cinnamon Spice fragrance wafting through your home is perfect for any day… and the must-have air freshener at the holidays or when guests come over!  Trust me… your home will smell AMAZING!!  Go grab your Crock Pot!”

Get the step-by-step instructions here.

Have you ever made your own DIY Freshner?





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