Ensuring the Long Life of Your San Diego Plumbing

You have invested a lot in your home, including the plumbing. Plumbing problems can cause serious problems for the rest of your house and cost you a bunch of money, so it pays to protect your investment. In this post, we’ll talk about ways you can prevent the most common mistakes people make with their plumbing-heating-air-experts.com.

  • Ignoring the Power of Copper – While copper pipes are more expensive than galvanized pipes and plastic, they will save you money in the long run. Copper is very malleable and easily expands and contracts, responding sensibly to temperature changes many times before cracks develop.
  • Abusing the Garbage Disposal – Your garbage disposal can handle a lot of stuff, but it doesn’t do very well is get rid of starches. Starch is easily chopped up by the disposal but it just ends up in pipes and then your sewer lateral where it sticks to pipes and starts clogs. Take it easy on the starches in your pipes and you’ll thank yourself later.
  • Trying to Save Money on Fixtures – Once you look at the price tag on plumbing fixtures, you might be inclined to reach for economy products. But those are a recipe for trouble. Cheaper fixtures are known to break frequently, increasing your costs over the long term. Go for higher quality fixtures today and you can look forward to a long future without plumbing emergencies.
  • Not Knowing How to Stop the Water – When fixtures break and pipes burst, you lose the ability to stop the flow of water at the outlet. In such emergencies, stopping the water is crucial to saving your property and decreasing damage. Make sure you know where and how to stop the water with emergency valves. And make sure they work.
  • Ignoring Your Sewer Main – One of the most expensive repairs that is ever required in a home is to repair or replace the sewer lateral. It is the large pipe that connects your home to the municipal water supply and it can easily be clogged or broken by tree roots. Use a enzymatic solution to keep it clear for a long time to come.

If you want to have a San Diego plumbing system that you can count on, call Ace. We can help you overhaul your system and set it up for painless operation for decades to come.

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