Factors to consider when deciding on an HVAC Upgrade

Upgrading the HVAC System


How to know when an upgrade is due? (Photo Credits)

Upgrading an old and worn-out HVAC system can spell a huge difference in terms of thermal comfort, utility bills, and even indoor air quality.

But if wear and tear or ageing is not the issue, are there other reasons why an HVAC would need upgrading? HVAC Technician in San Diego          

Facilities Net says a thorough evaluation will greatly help in terms of determining whether an upgrade is due or not.

“An HVAC evaluation is a component-by-component, system-by-system examination of all HVAC equipment serving a building. Its purpose is to identify what needs to be done to make things work properly. But the evaluation goes beyond just the equipment itself to include other factors. The evaluation must consider the operations taking place within the facility and how well the HVAC system supports them. It must factor in the size of the facility, the space available for the equipment, where the equipment is to be located, the climate, and the types of fuel available and their relative costs.”

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More indicators

PG&E came up with a six-point list that will determine the need for an HVAC upgrade.

“Poor air quality and excessive dust are two of the hard-to-see issues that can result from an HVAC system in need of an upgrade. It is essential to address them because they play a big a role in maintaining a comfortable and healthy work environment.”

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Other factors that could determine the need for an upgrade

JohnCFlood.com meantime emphasized that an energy assessment can also be a good way to find out if a property is in dire need of an HVAC Upgrade.

“Get an energy assessment. What is an energy assessment, you ask? A HVAC service professional comes to your home and does a walk-through with you to check for energy leaks. If you’re going to upgrade your HVAC system, you should make sure that you’re not pumping your air conditioning or heat right out the door…or window…or wall. In fact, you may find out that you don’t need a new HVAC system at all — you may just need better insulation or sealed ducts.”

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When deciding to upgrade an HVAC Unit it is best to seek professional opinion on the matter.


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