Fix Low Water Pressure with a San Diego Plumber

Low water pressure is a problem that generates frustration to any homeowner, and it indicates an issue within the inner workings of the plumbing system. If low water pressure is isolated to one faucet in the house, it could mean that there’s a build-up in the fixture. Whether it’s a small faucet repair or a bigger reason for a low water pressure repair, a San Diego plumber such as Ace Contractors has the background and experience to locate the source of the problem repair it for faster water flow.

One of the causes of low water pressure in the home is a restriction in the piping. A pressure relief valve (PRV) may be partially closed, or there could be a problem with the backflow preventer. A more complex issue would involve corroded piping. Steel or galvanized water piping has a life expectancy of about 18 to 20 years before it starts to close up from corrosion or mineral buildup. In this case, the old piping would need to be replaced by a plumber. The San Diego plumbing professionals at Ace Contractors are fully equipped to repair either a portion of the piping, or do a complete repipe.

In some cases, low water pressure is not caused by the system in the home, but in the neighborhood. A sudden drop in pressure can be the result of a leak in the pipes leading to the house. The location of a home such as placement on a hill or away from the majority of the municipal pipes can cause low pressure even when the house pipes are new. A San Diego plumber can install a water pressure booster pump which can resolve low water pressure issues. The installation of low flow fixtures in the kitchen and bath can make low water pressure more tolerable for the homeowners.

If you are concerned about low water pressure, contact Ace Contractors for a plumber. San Diego residents can benefit from their expertise to find the cause of the problem and work on the solution. We can be found on Google with the keyword “San Diego plumber” or at our website Find out what we can do with your low water pressure problems.

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