Preventing Clogs with Tips from a Plumber San Diego Trusts

Most plumbing emergencies demand the attention of a professional plumber and we hope that you’ll call us when the time comes. Until then, you can lower your chances of calling us by doing a little home plumbing maintenance. Here are some tips for preventing clogs in your home.

  • Avoid Using Drain Cleaner – When drains bring your plumbing to a halt, think twice before reaching for the chemical drain cleaner. Over time, drain cleaners eat away at your pipes, eventually leading to leaks. It’s best to prevent clogs by monitoring what goes down the drain. You can remove your own clog with a snake or call a plumber for a quick fix that won’t harm your pipes.
  • Control the Content of Your Pipes – The best maintenance happens on a daily basis. Watch what you’re putting down your pipes and keep food waste and hair out of sink drains. Toilets should only handle sewage and toilet paper. Other foreign objects are bound to create problems in your pipes.
  • Reduce the Pressure – While strong water pressure is helpful in your daily activities, your pipes don’t always appreciate it. Constant exposure to the force of high water pressure loosens the joints between pipes and can lead to leaks. If your water pressure is greater than 85 psi, you should get it adjusted. Somewhere between 40 and 85 is perfect.
  • Water Softening – Most water supplies have a certain amount of natural minerals, like calcium and magnesium. Where the levels of these minerals are particularly high, they accumulate in pipes and on surfaces like the shower. Eventually, they can lead to clogs. Take a stand against hard water deposits by installing a water softener. These are best installed by a professional plumber San Diego residents turn to for all their plumbing needs.

If you have any questions concerning the best way to maintain your plumbing system, give us a call. We’re here for emergencies, consultation, and whatever it takes to keep the pipes running clear.

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