How to deal with gurgling noises in the sink

Sometimes sink drains produce gurgling sounds. Homeowners should not take this lightly as it can signal a serious plumbing issue.

Gurgling noises in the sink can be annoying as it is not a normal sound produced by sink drains. However, apart from the weirdness, it indicates the presence of possible plumbing issues.

The strange sound is a clue that there is a possible partial clogging in the drainpipes, or the drain is venting incorrectly. If it is a clogging problem it is usually due to hair blocking the bathroom drains, and food bits if it were a kitchen sink drain. About the business

Removing the clog

Since clog is the most common culprit in a gurgling sink, it is best to try to remove the clog to get rid of the noise. A plunger can help in unclogging the drain. However, if it fails to work then an augur or a plumber’s snake can help remove the partial clog.

Other possible causes of a gurgling drain

If the problem is not due to a clog, a clogged vent pipe could be producing the sound. In the kitchen, it is also likely that a clogged garbage disposal is to be blamed for a noisy gurgling drain.  Ace Contractors Carmel Valley A broken P-trap can also produce weird noises since a slow-moving drain can create a vacuum that consequently lets out the weird sound.

If the gurgling is audible but it is not coming from the bathroom sink nor the kitchen sink, then it could be the bathtub drain. A partially blocked bathtub drain can produce a weird sound.

Why address a gurgling sound from the sink?

Sometimes gurgling sounds hardly have an impact on a household. However, it is indicative of a serious plumbing issue. It is important to pay attention to it as a full clog can wreak havoc in any home. Blog News It could mean flooding, a toilet backup, or a full clog that would inconvenience everyone in the household.  

Call a plumber to deal with gurgling noises

Only a licensed residential plumber can competently resolve issues about gurgling noises from the sink, and its root problem. A plumber can immediately identify the existing issue, and resolve it even before it gets blown out of proportion.

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