Main Water Line Repair & Service San Diego

Main water line problems are not your everyday plumbing issue. Foregoing repairs could mean bigger expenses and more complicated plumbing issues that can give way to extensive damage to the plumbing system, the home structure, as well as furniture.

We at Ace Contractors Plumbing, Heating, And Air provide main water line repairs, and maintenance work, among other plumbing services. When in need of a plumber, call us anytime.

How to spot main water line problems

Water line damage can range from mold and mildew infestation to terrible structural damage. The leak could seep into the property’s foundation and create havoc there. Similarly, undetected issues can also give way to mold growth and propagation. Molds are not just a health and safety hazard, it is also a red flag for any home buyer.

The key thing to remember is that homeowners should immediately seek professional repairs upon noticing any main water line problem. The issue is bound to get worse and so homeowners should never postpone calling for plumbing help.

Here are some of the signs of the main water line problem on your property:

The sound of running water underneath the ground. If water is rushing under the slab foundation then most likely there is a significant leak in the main water line.

  • Puddles of water form on the lawn or the yard even if it is not raining.
  • Wet spots or warping in the ceiling and walls indicate that there is a leak beneath it.
  • Rusty water supply could mean that the pipes are heavily corroded
  • Low water pressure is indicative of possible sediment clogging or a slab leak that diverts the water supply.

When to replace or repair a property’s water line

It is not easy for an ordinary homeowner to tell whether his water line problem requires a repair or a replacement. It takes professional equipment and expertise to determine if the problem is still fixable or if it is beyond repair. Wither way if the home’s piping system is too old for its type, then it is best to replace it so that pipe breakdowns can be avoided for the next decade or so.

 Call us up so we can send out our plumber to assess your water line for you. You can count on us to give you an honest assessment of the issue, plus the most cost-efficient recommendations, complemented with a free, no-obligation cost estimate.

Commercial water lines

We at Ace Contractors Plumbing, Heating, And Air can also provide a full range of main water line servicing for commercial properties.