Mistakes that Lead to Calling a Plumber in San Diego

Many things can happen that lead to the need for a plumber in San Diego. Some are unpreventable, like a busted pipe, while other causes can actually be avoided. If you are one that tends to have repetitive issues with their San Diego plumbing, read carefully and see if there are any tips that will help you out. Listed below are the most common mistakes people make that leave them with plumbing problems:

Not Watching What Gets Flushed

When it comes to items stopping up the toilet, veteran plumbers have seen it all- toys, trash and household objects. Problems definitely arise when you treat your toilet like a trash can. One plumber removed the toilet to find a large stash of Popsicle sticks and wrappers that had been flushed by an older child.

Misusing the Garbage Disposal 

Yes, a garbage disposal is there for your convenience, but it isn’t meant for all of your garbage. Fruit and vegetable peelings can  wreak problems for your disposal system, so keep a close eye on what your allowing to go down the drain.

Memory Lapses While Attempting a Do-It-Yourself Project

All too often, plumbers are called out to fix a homeowner’s attempt at a plumbing project. The biggest culprit? Forgetting how something was taken apart, therefore being unable to put plumbing fixtures back together properly.

Putting too Much Weight on Fixtures

Your bathtub’s faucet should not be used as a footrest while shaving. Faucets and other fixtures are not meant to hold a bunch of extra weight. That means you should try not to hang too much on the showerhead either (example: hanging a shower caddy packed with bottles of shampoo, conditioner, or soap). The extra weight can put too much pressure on the fixture, causing it to break.

While these are tips to prevent problems, things happen and something could still go wrong with your plumbing. San Diego residents have ACE Contractors for issues that would need the services of a licensed, experienced plumber. No job is too big or too small, so give us a call today!


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