Does That New Home Pass the San Diego Plumbing Test?

One of the most common areas of the home that demands maintenance within a year of buying a new home is the plumbing system. Many home buyers don’t know what to look for when they buy a home. And they quickly add to the price of their initial investment with a visit from a San Diego plumbing professional. We love your business but we want to help you get the best deal, too. Before you sign on the dotted line, have a read through these tips:

  • You can easily find the date of the water heater by looking at the first four digits of the serial number, which show the month and year the heater was made. You can count on replacing a water heater over 15 years old.
  • Look for rot around toilets by placing a foot on either side of it and rocking from side to side. If you can feel the floor move, then there is likely a leak in the toilet that is contributing to rot.
  • Another sign of a leaking toilet is a stain in the flooring around it.
  • Check out the basement for leaky pipes. The signs of water damage might be difficult to find if the current owners aren’t interested in you knowing about it. Look for puddles, exposed pipes, and signs of mold.
  • Before you buy any home, you should get a video inspection of the sewer lateral from your home to municipal water supply. Plumbers have the technology to do this and warn you of any impending sewage repairs.
  • Look inside cabinets and around appliances like dishwashers, clothes washers, garbage disposals and bathtubs for discolored flooring or weak structural components that could signal larger problems.

If you need a thorough plumbing inspection of a potential new home, look no further. We can give you an accurate picture of what the plumbing system looks like now and the major upgrades or repairs you can expect, and help you plan for them.

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