Plumbing care tips during the winter

Plumbing care tips during the winter

Winter plumbing care is essential in every home to have a non-stop water supply, and hassle-free plumbing during the coldest time of the year. After all, it is a huge inconvenience to find a leak, get a persistent clog, or experience a plumbing emergency when everyone is enjoying the holidays, or let alone take a vacation out of town.

When leaving the house for a week or more, the homeowner must be aware of the current condition of the property’s plumbing system. For instance, are there pipes that are in danger of bursting soon? Is the water heater in good working condition? Are the drains fine or will they soon back up? Ace Contractors

Traveling for the holidays

One of the worst things that could happen when out of town or out of the country on vacation is getting a plumbing emergency. Cutting a vacation short and going home to a flooded house is never a good way to spend winter or the holidays.

To prevent this from occurring, homeowners should seek a plumbing inspection a month at least before leaving the house. This way, the homeowner gets to know the plumbing situation at home and will have the opportunity to have plumbing problems repaired. List of Services

Winterizing the plumbing system

Homeowners should pay attention to the weather forecast so that they could take appropriate plumbing care. For instance, if the forecast indicates that the temperature will drop to zero, the homeowner should ensure that the pipes would not freeze.

For instance, he should make sure that ahead of the winter season, he has already insulated all pipes that are exposed to the cold air. Examples of these are outdoor pipes and those that are in the garage. Meanwhile, the homeowner should also ensure that pipes inside cabinets would not freeze. By opening the cabinet doors, and slightly turning the faucet on all night, water would not freeze inside the pipes. To save the water, the homeowner can use a bucket or any type of container that can be used as a vessel and then reuse it accordingly.

When leaving the house for several days, the homeowner should make sure that the pipes will not freeze nor burst while he is away traveling. Heat should still be turned on at a minimum level to prevent the water within the pipes from turning into ice. Likewise, he should turn off the main water valve. Ace Contractors Carmel Valley

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