Preventative Maintenance for Your San Diego Plumbing

San Diego homeowners understand the incredible costs associated with emergency repairs, which quickly climb to extraordinary heights. To keep your repair costs down, a little prevention and regular maintenance from a San Diego plumbing expert are critical. This list covers some of the most important regular maintenance tasks that a professional plumber can tackle for you. When they are a part of your maintenance regime, you can count on your drains draining, your toilets flushing, and your faucets flowing for years without issue.

  • Routine Inspections – The easiest way to avoid costly repairs is to see them coming long before they arrive. Get an annual inspection from a San Diego plumber that you trust. Inspections should cover all pipes, faucets, water heaters, and applicable appliances.
  • Water Heaters – Over time, sediment gathers in your water heater and inhibits its function. Plumbers can drain some of the water from the heater, along with the damaging sediment.
  • Clean Aerators – Every faucet has a small screen near the tap that catches sediment. Chronic buildup stifles water flow. During an annual inspection, plumbers can clean out these screens.
  • Strain Your Drains – One of the leading causes of clogged drains in the bathroom is hair and soap residue. You can eliminate the bulk of the hair with a screen over the drain. Clean it regularly and keep hair from leading to an expensive repair.
  • Avoid Chemicals – Chemical drain cleaners are effective at clearing the pipes but also eat away at the pipe from the inside. Mechanical removal is much more sustainable for the long-term health of your pipes.
  • Stainless Steel Hoses – Washing machines are usually outfit with plastic hoses that are prone to unexpected failure and costly repair. Have a plumber replace the plastic hoses with braided stainless steel hoses.

If you ever have any concerns or questions about the maintenance of your San Diego plumbing system, give us a call. We’re here to help you set up your plumbing for years of carefree service.

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