San Diego Plumber Helps Improve Homes Using Copper Pipes

With the rising cost of copper, it might be tempting to second guess the benefits of installing copper pipes in your home. Most new homes with quality construction already have copper pipes installed but using other materials is an easy way to cut corners and lead to long term headaches with your plumbing system. What makes copper such a great choice for your home?

  • While copper is a little more expensive than other materials, it is much easier to install. Copper is very malleable and can be easily bent, leading to fewer connecting pieces and often, lower installation costs.
  • Copper is much more sanitary. Plastic pipes are made of porous PVC that can harbor bacteria. Copper offers no such place for bacteria growth, making it a bacteriostatic surface.
  • Copper is an excellent conductor of heat, meaning that you loose little of the heat you generate in a water heater on the way to the faucet or shower.
  • Copper is prized for its durability. It is highly resistant to corrosion and its malleability means that it doesn’t crack from temperature changes like plastic does. This means that copper pipes will last for much longer, and many copper pipes carry a warranty of 50 years.

Though there are many advantages to using copper pipes, it’s easy to forget the slight downsides to copper:

  • It is more expensive than plastic, though you might consider increased maintenance and installation costs of plastic to determine the overall value. Copper systems offer low long-term maintenance costs, making them a smarter investment.

As you can see, the pros far outweigh the cons. If you’re looking to upgrade or replace your plumbing system, consider copper installed by a San Diego plumber. We’re ready to give you a competitive, no obligation estimate and bid today. Just give us a call so we can get the ball rolling.

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