San Diego Plumber Looks at Green Plumbing Technology

The current drought situation in California has many San Diego residents considering the benefits of green plumbing technology. Saving water isn’t just a matter of reduced bills – it could mean the difference in having drinking water for the future. Here are some green plumbing solutions that are set to take off in the future.

  • Grey Water Reclamation – Using grey water in toilets and for watering the plants is still a long way off. It’s not legal in many areas, given the potential health problems associated with it, but many people expect rising concerns about water safety to lead to relaxed municipal code for grey water use, meaning a lower burden on waste water treatment.
  • On-Demand Water Heaters – Heating all the water in a heater uses more energy than instantly heating the water that you need. Newer water heaters do exactly that, reducing your energy bill.
  • Insulated Hot Water Pipes – Hot water pipes readily expel heat and increase energy demands. Simply insulating those pipes increases the efficiency of the system and is a fairly minor expense.
  • Low Flow Fixtures – One of the primary fears associated with green plumbing is that it will compromise the performance of the plumbing system. You can still get comparable performance while using less water when you retrofit your home with low flow aerators and faucets.
  • Water Heat Recovery Systems – In areas where hot water is typically sent down the drain, such as in showers, a water heat recovery system can be used to capture some of that heat energy and reduce both water and energy bills. These typically work best when they are installed during construction, along with a grey water reclamation system.

Taking charge of water and energy conservation for your house is well within your reach. All you need to do is consult with a San Diego plumber versed in the technology. Give us a call to discuss ways that you can save money on the water and power that you use in your home.

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