Summer Threats to Your San Diego Plumbing

When it comes to damaged plumbing, we usually think of cracked pipes in the winter, though this is a rare occasion in San Diego. But the summer carries unique threats to your plumbing system, and they are often things that we might not think about automatically. Here are a few concerns that the summer months bring to your plumbing.


  • As we spend more time outside during the summer, the outside travels inside in the form of dirt on our clothes. That dirt can increase the wear on your washing machine and accumulate inside it. As that dirt moves from the machine, it can lead to bulges and cracks in the washing machine hose, so be sure to check it for degradation.
  • The higher temperatures of summer often mean that we can get away with a little less heat in showers and baths. Take this opportunity to save a little on heating costs by turning your water heater down a few degrees.
  • Explosive tree growth in the spring can lead to cracked sewer mains as invigorated roots penetrate pipes. Don’t be surprised to find water bills increasing in spring and summer. If you suspect a leaking main, the services of a professional plumber are required.
  • The food stuff of barbeques is particularly difficult for garbage disposals to handle. The gristle from meat and the stringy corn husks of our favorite feasts can lead to clogs. Be selective about what you put into the disposal and run it for 15 seconds before and after introducing food waste.

We’ve seen the problems that can develop in plumbing over the summer months and are here to help you with any problems that arise and help you get your San Diego plumbing into shape at any time of year. When your plumbing needs help, give us a call.

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