Summertime Water Saving Tips from a San Diego Plumber

As California continues into its worst drought in recent history, many San Diego residents are looking for ways to cut their water use without compromising their quality of life. So, we put together this quick guide for ways that you can save water and money:

  • Rethink Your Hose Strategy: If you’re in the habit of watering your plants with a shower of water from your hose, then you might be shortchanging yourself and your plants. Water that doesn’t hit the soil is likely to evaporate. Instead, aim your water at the base of plants and let a slow trickle get water right to the roots.
  • Drip Irrigation!: If you want to save time and use water more efficiently, then there is no better solution than to install a drip irrigation system. Placing tiny faucets near the base of plants and strategically around the yard will provide the best use of water and keep your garden and lawn at the peak of health.
  • Water at Night!: During the cooler temperatures of the night, you won’t lose as much water to the rays of the sun. You’ll also find that you get the same results with less water.
  • Reuse Waste Water: A popular way to recycle water is to keep a bucket in the shower that catches some of the water that would otherwise go down the drain. You can then use that water to water your plants. Just watch your step in the shower.

These are just a few of the ways that you can conserve water in this time of drought. But if you really want to save water, you should consult with a San Diego plumber. We can help you get the most out of your existing system and provide effective upgrades to increase the efficiency of your system and help you save water all year round.

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