What it Takes to Be a San Diego Plumber

Most readers of this blog probably have no interest in becoming a certified San Diego plumber, but it’s always interesting to understand the training and certification process these professionals must go through so they can give you the best possible service.


  • Apprenticeship  – The journey of the San Diego plumber begins with becoming a journeyman. A journeyman apprentices with an established plumber in one of the state-approved journeyman apprenticeships for up to 4 years. An apprenticeship is much more than working with a plumber. Journeymen gain on-the-job experience while taking theoretical and practical coursework.
  • Pass All Exams – During the journeyman phase of training, the aspiring plumber must satisfactorily pass all exams.
  • Applying for Licensing – This application is filed with the state and is the beginning of the actual licensing process.
  • Pass the Written Exam – This written examination is administered by the state and tests the knowledge of the plumber, not their ability to complete a task. This is the first hurdle in the licensing process.
  • Pass Business/Law Exam – Being an expert plumber involves much more than fixing leaky pipes. They must understand many aspects of law and liability. This exam tests that knowledge.
  • Complete the Trade Exam – Finally, after passing a written and law exam, the journeyman plumber is ready to show their skills to an accredited state examiner that is fluent in the practices of the trade in California.
  • Demonstrate Access to at Least $2,500 of Working Capital – Upon successful completion of all exams, the journeyman plumber must show they have at least $2,500 of working capital, usually verified by their bank.
  • Obtain $10,000 Surety Bonding – At this point, the plumber is certified and will receive their license once they are bonded, a form of insurance that prevents customer loss from improper work on the part of the plumber.

Every two years, a San Diego plumber must reapply for licensing so that they may continue to work in the state. As you can see, it takes time and dedication to become a San Diego plumber. Every plumber on our team has gone through this process to offer you the highest quality service. Give us a call to see them in action at your home or business.

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