The importance of having well-maintained water shut off valves

Every homeowner should know where the main water valve is located

Water shut-off valves are one of the most essential plumbing fixtures in any home. It prevents catastrophic plumbing damage as it can stop flooding from occurring especially when a pipe break occurs. For as long as water shut-off valves are well-maintained, homeowners should not worry too much about it. Ace Contractors

However, they must ensure it works optimally by routinely checking on its function and having professional plumbing inspections annually.

Main water shut off valve

Everyone at home should know the location of the main water valve or the emergency water valve. Likewise, they should also know how to turn it off if needed. Having this information could prevent massive plumbing emergencies like home flooding that can consequently cause water damage, damage to appliances and furniture, as well as other accidents.  Blog Site

The emergency water valve is usually located in the basement, the garage, or a crawlspace at home. The main water valve on the other hand is usually located outdoors. Along with knowing the location of the emergency and the main water valve, every member of the household should also know the number of an emergency plumber who can immediately respond to any plumbing crisis at home.

Local shut off valves

Most faucets at home also have local shut-off valves. This prevents flooding from occurring when the faucet suddenly fails. While some can be turned off by hand, some require special tools such as pliers. Either way, these valves are usually located immediately under the sink where the faucet is installed. Ace Contractors Escondido

Every toilet also has a shut-off valve. This is also located beneath the toilet bowl, near the wall. This shut-off valve prevents leaks from an overflowing toilet.   

Replacing water valves

Homeowners should inspect their water valves routinely. It would be very frustrating to discover that the valve is not working when a pipe burst has occurred, or when a faucet suddenly malfunctions. If water valves are failing, get in touch with a residential plumber who can immediately replace the said valve.

Having a reliable water valve system is important since it will ensure easier access to the plumbing system during a major home renovation. It is also a building requirement, and more importantly, a working valve is crucial during plumbing emergencies.

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