The Many Benefits of a Ductless HVAC Systems

Making the switch

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Why ductless HVAC is the way to go. (Photo Credits)

Ductless HVAC Systems has been slowly invading the air conditioning market because of the many benefits it offers.

The website the Carrier Enterprise says home occupants could breathe easier with ductless HVAC systems.

“Another benefit you can call attention to is the filtration that ductless HVAC systems have. Let the customer know that the filtration system decreases the amount of dust, allergens, pollen and bacteria in the air. After you explain this, you can mention how most ordinary HVAC systems require professional cleaning regularly and can still leave behind dust and allergens. Make sure the customer understands that ductless options enhance the air quality, which allows easy breathing.”

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Many benefits of a ductless HVAC

Mommy’s Memorandum also highlighted the benefit improved air quality. HVAC Technician in San Diego

“One issue with HVAC systems containing ducts is the poor air quality after a certain time. Even if you are constantly changing air filters, there is always a period where the filters contain too many dust or allergens. In contrast, ductless systems have a complex filtration process that almost completely eliminates these allergens or dust from your home’s air.”

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Gaining Ground

Archnews said Ductless HVAC systems is gaining ground in the American HVAC Market. HVAC Upgrade

“Malcolm Persaud, senior manager of business development for Panasonic Corp. of North America, said the largest trend in the ductless sector is multi-systems. ‘It’s the shift from single-zone systems to multi-zone systems. To explain the difference between them, a single-zone system consists of one outdoor unit and one indoor unit. In multi-zone systems, there is one outdoor unit and up to five indoor units. Contractors benefit from this trend because they install this solution at a lower cost than an air zoning system.’ At the AHR Expo, Panasonic introduced both three- and four-zone systems to complement the current two- and five-zone systems.”

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When upgrading an HVAC system it is best to consult a professional HVAC Contractor.

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