What can be safely flushed in a toilet?

A clogged toilet is one of the most common plumbing issues referred to by any plumber. It is a headache and embarrassment to any homeowner. It is an unsanitary problem that could lead to even bigger plumbing issues such as toilet and sewer back-up and even flooding. Ace Contractors

Ask any plumber and he will say that a toilet clogging problem is best prevented rather than solved. Much of the issue needs professional intervention once it occurred. However, through mindful use and routine maintenance, toilet clogs can be possibly avoided.

So how can homes prevent toilet clogs? Information is key. Knowing what can and cannot be flushed down the loo is key to preventing a clogged toilet. Educating the whole household about mindful toilet use is also a good way to keep toilet clogs at bay. Services

Things that should never be flushed in the toilet

Plumbers will say that the safest thing that can be flushed into the toilet is human waste. The toilet is designed to handle solid and liquid human waste. These cannot clog the toilet, and the only time solid human waste clogs up the toilet is when the drainpipes are almost clogged, to begin with.

Toilet paper can also be flushed, but make sure that it is not in excessive quantities. Toilet paper disintegrates within 24 hours and so within reasonable levels, it will not pose any danger of clogging the drainpipes. About us

Flushable wipes

Wipes, even if labeled flushable are not safe for flushing. These wipes do not melt in water over time and instead clog the drainpipe. If using flushable wipes, make sure to just dump them in the garbage bin.

Feminine sanitary products

Tampons, sanitary napkins, panty shields, and feminine wipes are notorious toilet cloggers. Never flush it down the drain because it is like flushing a small diaper in the loo. It will surely cause a massive clog.

Cotton and paper products

Cotton and paper products like tissues, cotton balls, and cotton pads seem harmless as they soak up a lot of liquid, but they can instantaneously block a drainpipe. Directly throw these products in the garbage can.

Used cooking oil

While it seems harmless, pouring used cooking oil into the toilet bowl is an absolute no-no. Grease can easily cool down, solidify, and form massive clogs alongside the toilet papers flushed in the loo. Used kitchen grease is best poured on an empty jar or bottle for later use, or proper disposal.

Pills, tablets, and cigarette butts

These items do not disintegrate properly and pose a risk to the groundwater supply. Never flush these down the drain. Expired medication should be disposed of with care, as well as cigarette butts.  

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