Why sewer-like odor in bathrooms are a sign of a plumbing trouble

Sewer odor can pervade even in the cleanest bathrooms. Apparently, it is a sign of a possibly serious plumbing issue.

Even the cleanest and newest of bathrooms could suddenly reek of a sewer-like odor. Unfortunately, this odor indeed comes from the sewer, and is indicative of a serious plumbing issue.

Sewer odor is defined as a sulfur-like smell. It is like a rotten egg that could be nauseating at times. it is generally due to human waste that has produced gases like ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. If a bathroom is newly cleaned yet the stench pervades in the space and elsewhere in the house, then it is high time to call a qualified residential plumber. Ace Contractors Plumbing Heating and Air

Sign of a serious sewer issue

The best way to check if it is indeed a sewer issue is to cover the drains in the bathroom and close the toilet lid. If the odor suddenly dissipates, then the odor indeed comes from the sewer pipes. This odor can also come from the other drains in the home. The sink drains in the kitchen for instance can also reek of this smell.  About our Company

But what does it mean? Why should a homeowner get alarmed over this nasty odor? Well, there are several reasons why a home would reek of this unpleasant odor, and most of it point out to a serious plumbing problem.

Sewer odor at home as a clue to a plumbing trouble

Below are some of the possible reasons why sewer-like permeates in a bathroom, or some parts of the home:

  1. There are existing sewer leaks within the property. This is especially true if there are gurgling noises coming from other drains when someone flushes the toilet, or when sewer or toilet backup has occurred. Ace Contractors Plumbing Escondido
  2. Serious toilet trouble such as a defective or faulty wax ring. This is the case if the toilet has become wobble or leaks toilet water in its base.
  3. Loose piping connections anywhere within the home plumbing system.
  4. Water traps have dried out, and has failed to prevent sewer gases from entering the home.

Homeowners should call for home plumbing service as soon as he notices that one of the bathrooms or sink drains at home diffuse a sewer like odor. Apart from getting rid of this nasty, headache inducing smell, it will also help prevent plumbing catastrophes such as a significant sewer damage. Acting immediately on the issue will help household avoid inconvenience, and plumbing problems that are more expensive to fix.

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